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Baby, we'll make you a star

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Baby, you'll be a star
12 November
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Welcome to a journal devoted to celebrities and their careers. All icons are made by me, Alice, or if you're friendly, Al. {note - please refrain from calling me Allie.}. My celebrities range from The Olsen Twins to John Travolta, The Notebook, Desperate Housewives, The O.C., Paris Hilton and many, many more. If there's some underground band, celebrity or just someone you love, don't be afraid to drop me a line on any of my entries. I also love constructive cristism and ...hell, i love compliments.

Famous Icons is Public - although it was friends only. Also -Livejournal has this stupid rule about not having more than 700 friends. If you were removed (which you most likely were) just ask to be re-added. :)

My rules are very simple, and very easy to follow. Basically, you should comment when you take an icon, a simple "Taking n.12" will suffice, and if you're lucky, i might reply (haha) and you could get an offer of a free layout or graphic. The second is to credit, possibly even simpler than the first. To credit, go to the area where you upload your icon, and in the little 'keywords' section, type this 13 letter sequence: by famousicons. The click 'save changes' or 'upload picture'. See, simple as ...oh yes, it had to be said, taking candy from a baby. The third is no hotlinking - this is where you take the URL and re-post it, using my bandwith and making me & photobucket very uphappy. :)


all affiliates have been deleted. please ask to be readded.



oh, and withpaperwings_ is my sister.

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Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Stacey's Mom



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